Dear Clients,
Tradeo ceased offering trading services last year in May. Trading and ancillary will not recommence, and the brand/platform will be permanently discontinued.

For the clients with remaining balances, kindly send a withdrawal request through your login or via chat or email. If there are any queries or concerns relating to your account or any other matter, please email us at [email protected]



To fund your trading account, simply login to the Client Area and click “Deposit” on your left hand side.

We accept all major credit and debit card issuers, Neteller, Skrill, and bank wire transfer. Depending on your country of residence, additional deposit methods may be available.

You can start trading with as little as 200 EUR/USD/GBP.

No, all deposits to your trading account with Tradeo are free of charge.

No, third party deposits are not allowed due to Anti Money Laundering regulations.

To request a withdrawal, login to your Client Area and click the “Withdraw”  tab on your left hand side.

In general, withdrawals requested from Monday – Friday by 12:00pm (GMT+2) will be processed within the same day.  Withdrawals received after 12:00pm (GMT+2) will be processed within the next working day. Once your request is processed by the Company, it usually takes 2-10 business days for your withdrawal to be credited back to your initial source of deposit.

The minimum withdrawal should be above 15 $ / €/ £ , as these are the bank/payment processors’ and Tradeo Processing fees.

There are no fees to deposit with Tradeo or to make internal transfers between accounts. Fees for wire transfers are 30 EUR/USD/GBP up to $10,000 and 0.03% for the amount above $10,000.Accounts that are inactive up to 90 days may be charged a fee of $ 22.00 / € 20.00 / £15.00.

By verifying your account, you confirm that you are the owner of this account and express intentions to trade on the financial markets. As a fully regulated broker, Tradeo is required to verify each client and this also enables us to protect our community of traders. Your information is always kept confidential and is only used for as per our Privacy Policy.

1. Proof of identity – passport or national identity card. Proof of Identity: Please note that you must submit a color copy of your valid ID document (front & back) as needed.

2. Proof of residence: It is important that the current permanent address is verified. Any of the following can be provided (not older than 6 months old):

  • a recent (dated within the last 6 months) utility bill (fixed-line phone, water, electricity) 
  • local authority tax bill 
  • bank statement (current, deposit or credit card account) 
  • lease or mortgage agreement
  • letter from a reputable bank confirming the address 
  • police records/certificates
  • driving licence
  • confirmation from the embassies

We do our best to process clients’ verifications in timely manner. Please expect your account to be verified within 2 days from providing your documents.

If the verification of the customer identity has not been completed, the cumulative amount of deposited funds of a customer should not exceed €2,000, irrespective of the number of accounts the customer holds with the Company. The cumulative time in which the verification of the identity of a customer is completed, must not exceed 15 days from the initial contact. Where the verification of the customer`s identity has not been completed during the designated timeframe of 15 days, the commencement of a business relationship must be terminated on the date of the deadline’s expiry and all deposited funds must be returned to the customer, in the same bank account from which they originated

Straight Through Processing (STP) broker is a type of online broker. It is connected to one or multiple liquidity providers and forwards the trades of its clients to the liquidity provider that currently offers the best price.
Unlike Market Makers, STP brokers do not trade against their clients.

The protection of privacy and the safeguarding of your personal and financial information is highly important for us. We are committed to protect individuals’ personal data in line with the requirements of applicable law. Please read our Privacy Policy for more info.

Tradeo is brand operated by UR TRADE FIX LTD, a Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF) licensed and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with CIF License number 282/15 and Company registration number HE336677.  The Company is authorized to provide the following investment and ancillary services:

Investment Services:

  1. Reception and Transmission of orders in relation to one or more Financial Instruments.
  2. Execution of Orders on Behalf of Clients.
  3. Portfolio Management

Ancillary Services:

  1. Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments, including custodianship and related services
  2. Granting credits or loans to one or more financial instruments, where the firm granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction
  3. Foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of investment services
  4. Ιnvestment research and financial analysis or other forms

Tradeo provides you with access to 200+ instruments. You can trade CFDs on Forex, Crypto Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks. Check our Contract Specifications document for a full list of the instruments you can find on our platform.

In case you forgot your password, please click the link for “Forgot my password”. Type in the email address that you used to sign up (username) and we will send you an email to that address with a link to change your password.

Determining the amount of your trades is easy because we always show it to you in units for the respective instrument. For example, if you are buying EUR for USD and the amount of your trade is 1000, this means you are buying 1000 of the base currency (EUR). If you want to short CFDs on Apple stocks and the amount of your trade is 1, this mean you’re selling 1 CFD on Apple stocks.

You are strongly advised to use our demo account to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Leverage gives you the ability to trade up a larger amount in the market with a smaller amount of capital in your trading account. For example, if your account balance is 500 EUR, with leverage 1:30 you can trade up to 15, 000 EUR on the markets. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage

The spread is the difference between the sell and the buy price. Our variable spreads represent a more fair, transparent picture of the market, as they depend entirely on market fluctuations, resulting in simple and equal pricing for traders.

A contract for difference (CFD) is a financial instrument that allows traders to invest into an asset class without actually owning the asset. The CFD is a contract between two parties (the buyer and the seller).

Details of our fees can be found here and here

If you run into any difficulties, then our dedicated support team is at available through either our online chat or [email protected]

Tradeo will never interfere with active trades, as this would compromise the integrity-based ethos of the platform. However, suspicious activity may result in an account being temporarily suspended and clients who do not submit sufficient documentation may be estopped from trading until such satisfactory evidence is being provided. Moreover, it should be noted that abnormal market conditions can occur, which may render it impossible to execute certain orders or result in a severe delay. A Force Majeure event, may also render it impossible for Tradeo to fulfill its the order execution obligation. Kindly refer to clauses 7.3(e) and 27.2(i) from the Client`s Agreement.

A demo account is a great idea and something that we definitely encourage here at Tradeo. You can open an account and trade risk-free through our platform to test the waters.

Tradeo will never give advice on specific products to individual members. Tradeo is a platform that provides the tools to facilitate trades, not to provide specific investment advice. All trades are placed at the traders’ own risk. However, Tradeo may provide certain educational resources to promote best practices with regard to trading methodologies.

Margin Level is the ratio of Equity to Margin which helps to measure how close your account is, to the percentage of margin call.

Margin level is calculated by the formula: Margin Level = (Equity / Used Margin) x 100

When the margin level decreases, your account bears more risk of liquidation/stop out. You should monitor the margin level and if needed deposit more funds, or decrease open exposure in order to increase your margin level.

Margin call is a limit set by the broker for the margin level, when Tradeo Margin Call level (also known as ‘Stop-out’ level) is currently set to 50% for EU clients trading under CySEC.
Once your margin level drops the %, we shall automatically begin closing positions at the current market price, starting from the most unprofitable, to restore the margin level of your account to above %.

Required Margin refers to the amount required for you to open and maintain a position.

Used Margin is the sum of margin currently used for your open positions.

Free Margin is available funds to trade on an account and open new positions and/or withdraw funds from the account.

The formula to calculate your Free Margin is: Free Margin = Equity – Margin