Dear Clients,
Tradeo ceased offering trading services last year in May. Trading and ancillary will not recommence, and the brand/platform will be permanently discontinued.

For the clients with remaining balances, kindly send a withdrawal request through your login or via chat or email. If there are any queries or concerns relating to your account or any other matter, please email us at [email protected]


Invest in Stocks, ETFs, and Bond

with a starting balance as low as €50


Trade Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds with ZERO commissions!


Own Physical Assets


Diversify your Portfolio


Massive range of Tradable Instruments


Zero Trading Commissions

Why pay more when you can trade commission-free with Tradeo?

Commissions and fees are a part of any type of trading. Join Tradeo and make them a thing of the past!

London Stock Exchangedonedone$0
Deutsche Börse Xetradonedone$0
SIX Swiss Exchangedonedone$0
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How do we stack up against other brokers?

Check the table below and see how much difference Zero Commissions can make to you.

MarketsTradeo investSaxo BankDeGiroInteractive Brokers
1 deal$0.00$10.40$2.40$1.35
10 deal$0.00$104.00$24.00$13.50
20 deal$0.00$208.00$48.00$27.00
50 deal$0.00$520.00$120.00$67.50

Regulated, Extensive, Accessible - That's Tradeo!


Regulated Broker

Tradeo is fully licensed and Regulated (CySEC License 282/15)


Extensive Asset List

Over 3,000 leading Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds to choose from


Accessible Account Levels

Tradeo has an account for traders of all experience levels

Join thousands of fellow investors and add the power of Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds to your trading portfolio

Put off by high trading fees and commissions? With Tradeo, you can make unlimited trades on the most popular Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds with ZERO commissions and fees. Add physical assets to your trading portfolio without any of the high costs usually associated with these instruments!


ZERO Commission

Unlimited trades on over 3,000 Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds with ZERO fees


The Tradeo 1-2-3 Setup!

Tradeo is licensed and regulated and a member of the ICF


Secure Trade Environment

Tradeo is licensed and regulated and a member of the ICF

Put yourself in the driving seat with Tradeo!

Adding Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds to your portfolio is an excellent way to diversify your trading and offers an effective strategy to hedge your account against price fluctuations. The broad scope of ETFs and Bonds, in particular, can offset your trading risk as investments in these instruments spreads the risk over all the assets in the instrument.

However, the high fees and costs associated with these instruments and the elevated required capital have put these out of reach for many investors, but that changes with the Tradeo Zero Commission account!

With the Tradeo Zero Commission Account, you can make unlimited commission-free trades on over 3,000 of the most popular Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds with a starting capital as low as €50, on the award-winning MetaTrader platform and with the renowned Tradeo trade execution!

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