Dear Clients,
Tradeo ceased offering trading services last year in May. Trading and ancillary will not recommence, and the brand/platform will be permanently discontinued.

For the clients with remaining balances, kindly send a withdrawal request through your login or via chat or email. If there are any queries or concerns relating to your account or any other matter, please email us at [email protected]


Mirror Trading

Mirror Trader from Tradency is the newest iteration of copy trading software developed addon and is available for all Tradeo clients. The Mirror Trader addon brings together a community of strategy developers and traders, allowing you to copy trades directly from selected providers.

The Tradency solution keeps a running record of all the Buy and Sell signals from all the community strategy developers. The information is presented so you can keep track of all the strategies and choose which ones you want to mirror or “copy” into your trading account.

While Mirror Trader is a complex piece of software with sophisticated algorithms, the setup and operation are incredibly simple. All you need to do is track the system’s strategies and choose which trades you want to copy.

How Does Mirror Trading Work?

Mirror Trader is a global community of strategy developers where all generated Buy and Sell signals’ performance can be monitored in real-time. Traders can track the performance of these strategies and mirror the trades in their trading accounts.

The mirror process takes place in real-time and is automated from the Tradency servers. All you need to do is set your trade parameters according to your risk profile, and trades are automated in your Tradeo account.

The process behind the execution of trades is simple, but the technology behind the system is anything but. Contributing strategy developers base their signals on technical analysis and multiple economic indicators. The strategies employ robust algorithms, and the whole system was developed to match the performance of far more complex solutions.

Advanced Charts

The Mirror Trader system allows you to customize your trade view for advanced charting and multiple time frames.

Chart View

Add your favorite indicators directly onto your charts and open positions with a single click.

Trade Signals

Buy and Sell signals in Mirror Trader are displayed in real-time for a live overview of all your trades.

Trade Portfolio

Create your library of trading strategies and mirror these directly to your trading account

Performance Report

Fine-tune your performance with the detailed reporting function in Mirror Trader

Strategy Filters

Select your trade preferences, and the advanced filtering system inside Mirror Trader will drill down to the best match.

Mirror Trader Features

Mirror Trader does all the heavy lifting for you and continually scans the available strategies for the best match to your particular trading requirements. This scanning feature, combined with the volume of available strategies, makes for a highly sophisticated mirror trading solution.

Mirror Trader works in a completely hands-off mode or, for traders who like more involvement in their trading, a manual mode. In the automated mode, Mirror Trader applies your pre-set requirements and places trades automatically. In manual mode, Mirror Trader will present you with all the information about a potential trade, and you trade the particular strategies yourself.

Multiple Strategies

Mirror Trader comes with multiple strategies to use, regardless of your trade profile.

Automated trading

Set your preferences inside the system and Mirror Trader works for you around the clock.

Account Maintenance

Mirror Trader works around the clock, and you can modify your trade strategies in real-time.

In a recent survey conducted by Tradency 1,000 active traders, we’re asked about their favorite Mirror Trader features.
• 90.2% said Mirror Trader was easy to use
• 92.4% raved about the automated trading capability
• 80.6% said they saw Mirror Trader as a long term investment tool